Live-Cell Imaging and Single-Use Perfusion Cell Culture

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The versatile cell incubator at the microscope stage

Spotlight Your Relaxed Cells!


Live-Cell Imaging To Go

HiGO HiGO incubators are the ideal solution for occasional live cell imaging!


The Sterile disposable perfusion culture

Turn your batch-cultures into gradient-free perfusion cultures within seconds!

Live-Cell Imaging and Single-Use Perfusion Cell Culture

If your success in life-science depends on cell culture, the system has to deliver!

The Hi-Line of Hektros provides advanced cell culture tools to simplify and speed up forefront methodologies in vitro: live cell imaging and perfusion cell culture. Hektros’ Plug & Play solutions are compatible with basic lab equipment; they are instantly ready - and easy to use.

Plug & Play solutions from Hektros are compatible with common laboratory equipment, immediately ready for use and easy to use.

Hektros supplies innovative products of highest quality, whereby the design is stripped to functional essentials and it deliberately dispenses complex control units. Boost your productivity using smart Hi-Line products and gain access to affordable live cell imaging and effortless cell culture perfusion! 

Top Features

Hi5 – The versatile cell incubator at the microscope stage

Spotlight Your Relaxed Cells!

Hi-5 is a versatile and handy cell incubator - your best choice for long-term cell examinations directly on the stage of inverted microscopes. Within a setup-time of less than 5 minutes, perfectly equilibrated and stable culture conditions are maintained over days or even weeks.
The unique design enables exceptional temperature homogeneity at minimal gas consumption rates to provide an comfortable environment for your demanding cells.

Hi-5 incubators dispose of five conical seats to mount accurately fitting single-use culture wells. Suitable culture inserts for various LC-I applications are available for standard transmission-light microscopy, fluorescence imaging, and high-resolution microscopy techniques using magnifications up to 100-fold.

24/7Time-lapsePlug & playBest image
  • Plug & Play installation within 2 min
  • Self-explanatory construction - easy handling
  • Constant growth conditions within 5 min
  • Parallel imaging of 5 culture wells
  • Sterile exchange of media directly at the microscope stage
  • Undisturbed time-lapse photography over weeks
  • Supply of sterile single-use culture wells for different demands
  • Various cell-carrier bottoms and coatings available
  • 160 µm-thin well-bottoms for oil-immersion
  • Fits on the stage of common inverted microscopes
  • For recording up to 100 times magnification
  • Suitable for high-resolution microscopy techniques
  • Sterile addition of reagents and fluorescent dyes
  • Online sample-analysis via standardized HPLC couplings
Live cell imaging

HiGO – Live-Cell Imaging To Go

HiGO Disposable Incubators are the ideal solution for occasional live cell imaging!

HiGO is a sterile disposable made of polystyrene to quickly and easily map the dynamics of living cells. As in its ‘big brother’ Hi5, cultured cells are well supplied in this cell incubator if placed on the stage of a microscope - under stable physiological growth conditions for Live-Cell Imaging at its best! In this live cell imaging incubator, cultivated cells are also well cared for when placed on the stage of a microscope – under stable physiological growth conditions, cells always show their best side!

HiGO single-use incubators have an integrated heat and gas humidification jacket. Constant gassing with air / CO2 is easily and safely provided via a Luer-lock couplings.

Just like normal culture dishes, HiGO-Disposable Incubators are inoculated with cells under sterile conditions. Live cell observation can then be started at any time - either after pre-incubation in a common incubator or immediately on the microscope stage.

HiGO - the easiest way to stage vital cells!

  • Fast-installed single-well imaging
  • Fits on every common inverted microscope
  • Undisturbed LC-I over the duration of a feeding cycle
  • Equilibrated growth conditions within 10 min
  • Suited for transmitted-light & fluorescence microscopy
  • Imaging at magnifications up to 60x
  • Sterile and not pyrogenic

HiPerGO – The Sterile disposable perfusion culture

Turn your batch-cultures into gradient-free perfusion cultures within seconds!

HiPerGO is the creative answer from Hektros to one of the big challenges in modern cell biology: perfusion cell culture of easy handling and short setup-time!

Within seconds, this patented disposable product from Hektros transforms conventional cell culture dishes into an advanced perfusion system - providing defined growth conditions!

Delivery of homogeneous culture conditions on a growth area of 50 cm² is unrivalled and is ensured by the revolutionary design of the HiPerGO Perfusion lid.

Gradient-free nutrition without any sheer-stress to gently coddle your cells!

HiPerGO Perfusion Lid are an innovative upgrade for traditional culture dishes and multiply experimental applications in your cell culture routine.

By using HiPerGO, time-consuming assembly, sterilization, and inoculation of complex perfusion chambers are spared!

  • Transforms static cultures into perfused tissues within seconds
  • Consisting of a conventional dish and a perfusion lid
  • Gradient-free incubation by continuous supply of fresh media
  • Reversibly switchable between perfusion and batch culture
  • No detachment and transfer of adherent cells necessary
  • Completely homogeneous culture environment all over 50 cm²
  • Connectable to any perfusion system via standardised Luer-Lock couplings
  • Sterile and not pyrogenic
Static dish culture
Perfusion cell culture

Although conventional batch culture is economical and easy to use, cells suffer from static culture conditions: the availability of metabolites and oxygen deteriorates continuously over a feeding cycle - while waste products accumulate in the supernatant medium. Cells acquire significantly higher functionality in vitro if cultured under constant flow conditions under a constant physiological environment. Using perfusion culture systems in vivo-like conditions can be generated, however, their application was previously limited to small formats and associated with a high setup effort.

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