HiPerGo HiPerGo HiPerGo

Perfused Cell Culture To Go!

Turn your batch-cultures into gradient-free perfusion cultures within seconds!

Within seconds, this patented disposable product from Hektros transform conventional cell culture dishes into an advanced perfusion system providing defined growth conditions

Starter kit

395,00 €

Consumables - 6 pcs

300,00 €

Consumables - 12 pcs

580,00 €

Consumables - 24 pcs

1080,00 €


6 x HiPerGo



20 x HiCult



1x ring

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Although conventional batch culture is economical and easy to use, cells suffer from static culture conditions: the availability of metabolites and oxygen deteriorates continuously over a feeding cycle - while waste products accumulate in the supernatant medium. Cells acquire significantly higher functionality in vitro if cultured under constant flow conditions under a constant physiological environment. Using perfusion culture systems in vivo-like conditions can be generated, however, their application was previously limited to small formats and associated with a high setup effort.

  • Transforms static cultures into perfused tissues within 1 minute
  • No detachment and transfer of adherent cells necessary
  • Constant growth conditions within 5 min.
  • Completely homogeneous culture environment all over 50 cm²
  • Consisting of a conventional dish and a perfusion lid
  • Connectable to any perfusion system via standardised Luer-Lock couplings
  • Gradient-free incubation by continuous supply of fresh media
  • Sterile and not pyrogenic
  • Reversibly switchable between perfusion and batch culture

Delivery of homogeneous culture conditions on a growth area of 50 cm² is unrivalled and is ensured by the revolutionary design of the HiPerGO Perfusion lid.


Gradient-free nutrition without any sheer-stress to gently coddle your cells!


HiPerGO Perfusion Lid are an innovative upgrade for traditional culture dishes and multiply experimental applications in your cell culture routine.


By using HiPerGO, time-consuming assembly, sterilization, and inoculation of complex perfusion chambers are spared!



HiPerGo Lid

Wall material:

Polystyrene transparent

Sealing material:

(TPE) Thermoplastic elastomers




Yes (ISO 11137-1/2/3: SAL 10)


Luer Lock (4x)

Medium Volume (Dead Volume):

7,7 ml

Through-put time:

approx. 26 min

Bottom: HiCult Cell-Culure Dish


Polystyrene transparent


Yes (ISO 11137-1/2/3: SAL 10)



Growth area:

50 cm²

Surface coating / -treatment:

Plasma treated

HiPerGo HiPerGo

Inside the box

HiPerGo HiCult Ring
  • 6 x HiperGo
  • 20 x HiCult
  • 1 x Mounting Ring

The perfect match

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