The Hektros BioSpir is a unique gas handling device, specially developed for gassing cell-cultures.

It combines a pressure-reducing valve with a calibrated fixed-flow regulator to provide a constant gas flow of 10 ml/min. The BioSpir was designed to meet the demands of the Hi5 Live Cell Imaging incubator as well as to provide a high-quality and easy-to-use gas valve for scientific applications.

  • open/close to operate the valve
  • drain position to quickly empty the valve before disconnecting
  • no tools necessary for connecting or disconnecting



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Precise two-piston pressure reducer valve


Pressure indicator (manometer) integrated into the housing


Developed and manufactured according to ISO 2503:2009



Attention Pressure cylinder connection is country-specific!

Standard Bottle Connector:

Test gas UNc, cylinder connection (DIN M19x1,5 LH.)

Gas Mixture:

Air/ Air + 5% CO2 or similar gases


ISO 2503:2009

Input pressure:

P1 230 bar



Output flow:

Q1 10 ml/min +/- 10%

Input Connection:

Country specific (DIN - UNI - AFNOR ...)

Output Connection:

Quick Coupling DN 2.5

Pressure relief valve:

7 bar

Body material:

Aluminium 7075 - Ni-Plated

BioSpir BioSpir

The perfect match

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