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Higo The fastest solution to place your cell cultures in the best light!

HiGo single-use-incubators are the ideal solutions for occasional live cell imaging. HiGo is a sterile disposable made of polystyrene to quickly and easily map the dynamics of living cells. As in its ´big brother´HiGo, cultured cells are well supplied in this cell incubator if placed on the stag of a microscope under stable physiological growth conditions for Live-Cell Imaging at its best!

Consumables - 1 pc

85,00 €

Consumables - 2 pcs

150,00 €

Consumables - 10 pcs

600,00 €

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Time - lapse

HiGo Incubators have an integrated heat and gas humidification jacket. Constant gassing with air / CO2 is easily and safely provided via Luer-lock couplings. Like normal culture dishes, HiGo incubators are inoculated with cells under sterile conditions. Live cell observation can then be started at any time - either after pre-incubation in a common incubator or immediately on microscope stage.

  • Fast-installed single-well imaging
  • Equilibrated growth conditions within 10 min
  • Fits on every common inverted microscope
  • Sterile and not pyrogenic

Undisturbed LC-I over the duration of feeding cycle


Suited for transmitted-light & fluorescence microscopy


Magnifications up to 60-fold



Wall material:

Polystyrene transparent

Bottom material:

Polystyrene transparent




Yes (UNI EN ISO 11137-1/2/3: SAL 10)

Heating Connectors:

4x Luer Lock

Gas Connector:

1x Luer Lock

Growth area:

2,72 cm2

Surface treatment:


Temperature Stability:

+/- 0,1°C typically

HiGo HiGo

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