The Hektros Hi5i cell-culture wells were developed to provide optimal cultivation conditions as well as best optical properties for various microscopy techniques.

The Hi5i cell-culture wells are made of polystyrene walls and a borosilicate glass bottom

To meet the needs of various microscopy techniques, the Hi5i cell-culture wells are available fully transparent or with white walls especially for luminescence and with black walls for fluorescence imaging

All Hi5i wells are packed sterile and seated within a polystyrene carrier. They are protected by a HiCult cell-culture dish and can therefore be easily pre-cultivated in a standard CO2-incubator without the need to set up the Hi5 incubator

These features make the Hi5i-wells not only the perfect insert for the Hi5 incubator, but also convenient and high-quality cell-culture wells for general microscopy applications.


glass insert


glass insert

Set - 1 pc

20,00 €

Set - 4 pcs

70,00 €

Set - 10 pcs

155,00 €

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Optimal cultivation conditions


Best optical properties through 160 µm glass bottom


No additional chemicals like glue added


Magnifications up to 100-fold


Available for various microscopy techniques e.g. fluorescence imaging


Convenient pre-cultivation in standard CO2-incubators



Hi5i standard wells with polystyrene bottom

Wall material:

Polystyrene transparent

Bottom material:

Polystyrene transparent

Surface coating / -treatment::

Plasma treated




Yes (UNI EN ISO 11137-1/2/3: SAL 10)

Hi5i Hi5i

The perfect match

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